P-47  "JUG"
  Men of the 412th Fighter Squadron of the United States Army Air Corps were called upon to do the extraordinary, to help liberate Europe and free the world of tyranny.  That they did, unconditionally.  Some paid the supreme sacrifice in a single moment of bravery.  Others have paid throughout their lives by living with the internalization of horrid experiences and emotions.  They have lived the horrors of war for you.  We salute the 412th Fighter Squadron!  
  Update January 2020: As we attempt to contact surviving members of the 412th we'll be posting their photos here.  
  Bob Colangelo celebrates with Paul, Preston and Claudia at a recent Reunion di Colangelo - May 20 2019. Bob will be 95 years old in May 2020.  

Ellen and Bob Colangelo seen here with Santa - December 2019.


  Carroll Wooge with caregiver Patricia Jordan - Winter 2013. Carroll will be 99 years old March 2020. Notice the painting of the P-47 (perhaps BitterBitcher) on the wall behind him?   John Kinn (recent photo forthcoming) will celebrate 98 years July 2020. He's still driving and folks know to get out of his way. John frequents the senior center in Sandusky, OH.  
   We'll add more veterans of the 412th and post their photos as we find them. Browse through the website pages, particularly through the archived photo albums, newsletters, and reunion celebrations and you'll surely find these folk as they appeared in 1944-45 and again in the early 2000's as we enjoyed the camaraderie of our 412th Squadron family at our reunions.  
From the 412th archives:

Brief Overview - Colonel Frederick C. Bealke, Jr.
Brief History of 146th (373d) Fighter-Bomber Group - 1943-1956
Unit History from Activation to Arrival in E.T.O. - Capt. Richard H. Nash
Unit History from Arrival E.T.O. to 30 April 1944 - Capt. Richard H. Nash
Bodenplatte 1 Jan 1945 - Col. Frederick C. Bealke Jr.
Battle Honors- 31 May 1945 Citation by Major General Weyland
412th Fighter Squadron Aircraft Claims - 20 Apr 1944 through 20 Apr 1945
Pilot Losses   
MACR 7171 Irving Hunsberger
MACR 8518 Gilbert Hollingsworth
MACR 11777 William M. Miller
373rd Operations Reports   
412th Encounter Reports    
Diary - Capt. W. Philip Van Kirk
Dongelberg Orphanage

Photo Album
The "Jug"
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412th Insignia


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412th Squadron patch image courtesy of Bruce Lowell and Bob Colangelo.