P-47  "JUG"

Reunion 2005 - Chicago

Our 2005 reunion in Chicago was a huge success, largely through the efforts of Bob and Ellen Colangelo, Bill and Bea Geise, and our hospitality team of Olive Sauter, Norma Corey, Charlene Polanski, and Bea Geise. All attendees are to be commended  for their contributions to the group dynamics and camaraderie in such an informal and hospitable atmosphere as we all enjoyed. Bob Colangelo and Sinatra were right... Chicago is a great town worthy of its own song. Chicago afforded us a great site for our reunion.

Highlights of our reunion included the welcoming of new members Marty and Hedda Brock of the 410th, and Kevin Walsh, nephew of 412th pilot Lt. Paul "Joe" Walsh KIA February 2, 1945. Other newcomers included Lisa Parkinson, daughter of 412th Scott Ames and Jaime Kingery, niece of 411th Harry Wilson. To our new members we say, "Thank you! Come aboard as family, and Blue Skies!" With our returning attendees we pray, "Thank You Dear God by whose grace we were able to attend our reunion once again with our comrades-in-arms."

Also of great interest were the archival films of the XXIX TAC mission flights contributed by Gary Walford. With his permission, these will soon be included on this website. Stay posted!

Tom Ritz was busy at his post every day of our reunion in the Hospitality Room scanning the many documents and photos contributed by our members for inclusion on this website. We suggest that you frequent this website for these new additions. 

Check out the Fall/Winter Newsletter for more details of our Chicago '05 reunion.

Featured below is our group photo as we posed in the hotel's atrium after a busy day of touring and shopping in Chicago:

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Back row left to right: Bob Colangelo, George Cooper, Ed Strobel, Ernie Ritz, Bill Geise, David Schwartz, Wayne Barber, John Kinn, Bob Corey, Al Hagg, Gene Ross, Norb Polanski, Paul DeHart, Joe Ritz, Tom Ritz, Carroll Wooge, Wylo Wooge, Joe Ritz Jr., Marion Kloess.

Seated left to right: Ellen Colangelo, Louise Cooper, Moe Richardson, Vera Richardson, Linda Thurman, Roy Thurman, Frances Harvey, Lillian Reeves, Allen Arthur, Olive Sauter, Anne Wohlfeil, Bea Geise, Joy Hagg, Norma Corey, Charlene Polanski, Mary DeHart, Lisa Parkinson, Barb Barber, Scott Ames, Inez Ross, Jaime Kingery, Harry Wilson, Julie Fortuin. 


Click here for our Fall/Winter Newsletter with details of our Chicago '05 reunion.


412th Squadron patch image courtesy of Bruce Lowell and Bob Colangelo.