P-47  "JUG"

In September 2004 we celebrated our annual reunion in easy touring distance of our Nation's Capitol where we visited the newly dedicated WWII Memorial and the Smithsonian's Udvar-Hazy Aeronautical Museum.

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Front left to right

Louise Cooper, Wylo Wooge, Julie Fortuin, Vera Richardson, Mary DeHart, Olive Sauter, Norma Corey, Barbara Barber, Lillian Reeves, Marge Vesey, Tom Vesey, Inez Ross 

Middle left to right

Harry Wilson, George Cooper, Moe Richardson, Joe Ritz, Paul DeHart, Bob Corey, Bill Mather, Susan Mather, Anne Wohlfel, Sarah Wilson, Wayne Barber, Bea Geise, Kathleen Vesey, Peggy Vesey, Roy Thurman, Bobbie Merlo, Dan Merlo, Charlene Polanski


Back left to right 

Carroll Wooge, Norb Polanski, Joe Ritz Jr., Tom Ritz, Ed Strobel, Dan Merlo Jr., John Kinn, Dennis Hayman, Bob Colangelo

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412th Squadron patch image courtesy of Bruce Lowell and Bob Colangelo.