8 July, 1944.


412th Fighter Squadron.


0905 to 0915 hours.


Paris, France.


Visibility unlimited 3/10 overcast, top 14,000'.


Me 109G.


1 Me 109G.


I was flying Vatric leader with two flights of four aircraft

each at 18,000' as top cover for 36 B 26's. While in the vicin-

ity between Chartres and Nogent I saw about 15 Me 109's at about

20,000' several miles east of us and immediately called both

Vatric flights to drop external tanks and attack. As we broke

toward them, the Me 109's turned and flew toward Paris in a

shallow climb. At 22,000' over the western suburbs of Paris,

the Huns broke up into two flights, a flight of 8 flying level

into the northeast and a flight of seven breaking southeast and

climbing directly into the sun. I turned after the high flight

and closed rapidly on their last plane. As I lined him up in

my sights at about 200 yards he chopped his throttle and kicked

his plane into a spin to the right. I chopped my throttle, half

rolled after him and closed in rapidly. At about 18,000', I

fired a two second burst beginning from about 150 to 200 yards,

but I had to skid out to the side to keep from over running him.

It was impossible to keep a steady bead on him as he was spinning

but I observed some strikes in the fuselage. He straightened out

from the spin and dived straight down to about 10,000' as I closed

in again. His plane then began a slow spiral to the right and I

fought to keep behind him until at 5,000' I realized we were

getting too low for a high speed vertical dive. I horsed back

on the stick and blacked out. As my vision returned I looked down

and saw an explosion, followed by a cloud of smoke, in a block of

buildings in the southeast suburbs of Paris.  I began a spiral

climb and picked up my wingman at about 8,000' directly over the

center of the city. The ack-ack followed us with intense and

accurate fire from about 8,000' to 22,000' where we joined Vatric Blue

flight and proceeded homeward, as there were no other Jerries

to be seen in the vicinity. I claim 1 Me 109 destroyed.


134 rounds, cal. 50 expended.


Major, Air Corps




On public record at the National Archives
Courtesy of David Schwartz - Nephew of 373rd CO (15 Aug 43 - 17 Nov 44) William  H. Schwartz, Jr.

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