20 April 1944


367th Fighter Squadron. 358th Fighter Group (DS from 412th

Fighter Squadron, 373rd Fighter Group)


1905 hours.


Four miles NE of Creil.


CAVU with few scattered clouds at 6000-7000 feet.


1 JU 88


1 JU 88 destroyed.


I was flying Floral White Two. Floral White leader (Charcoal)

who was leading the Group, peeled off into his dive-bombing run

and I followed immediately. As I released my bomb I noticed

that Charcoal was turning to the right and diving for the

ground instead of zooming back to altitude, so I turned after

him. Charcoal closed in very rapidly on a light colored twin-

engined ship which was flying over an air-field at about 800 feet

altitude. He fired a medium burst and broke up and to the

right at about two hundred yards. I realized that I was closing

too rapidly and I chopped my throttle and closed in while the

rear gunner of the enemy aircraft (JU-88) began firing. At

about 500 yards I opened fire and continued fire to about 200

yards at which time the return fire had ceased and the right

engine apparently exploded as a great deal of black oil and

debris came back adn (and) covered the leading edges of my plane

from wing-tip to wing-tip with dirty oil. The front of my

canopy was completely covered with oil so I broke sharply up

and to the right. I climbed to about 4000 feet as I kicked rudder

violently and searched for enemy aircraft to the rear or above.

I leveled off and circled and observed the enemy aircraft in a

shallow dive toward the ground and ready to crash. Two P-47's

dived at the enemy aircraft, one coming in a shallow dive from

the rear and another in a very steep dive from the right rear.

I observed the P-47 in the steep dive to fire a long deflection

burst which kicked up the dirt along the right side of the path

of the JU-88 which was just off the ground. I did not see the

other P-47 fire and immediately thereafter the JU-88 hit the

ground and burst into flames. The encounter occured at 1905

hours just notheast of the town of Creil and it ended when the

enemy aircraft crashed in a gully about four miles northeast

of the town. I claim one JU-88 destroyed.


      rounds, calibre .50.


Major, Air Corps




On public record at the National Archives
Courtesy of David Schwartz - Nephew of 373rd CO (15 Aug 43 - 17 Nov 44) William  H. Schwartz, Jr.

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