18 July, 1944.


412th. Fighter Squadron.


0930 to 0950 Hrs.


North of Dreux at pacy.


Visibility 10 miles, scattered clouds.


FW 109.


1 FW 109.


I was flying Vatric Blue Flight #3 which was t/c at 14,000' for one

squadron of P-47's as they dive bombed railroads. At the completion

of the bombing we remained in the vicinity untill our allotted time

was up while the bombing squadron headed home. It was just as we were

starting home, 0930,when we sighted 16 bogies a little high and in

the sun. We started to climb to intercept them and when we reached

their altitude of 18,000' we saw that they were FW 190's preparing

to bounce a squadron of P-38's which were directly below us. As

they started to dive down on the P-38's we started after them, my

leader singled out two of the e/a. When they saw us one broke down

and right while the other headed up and left. It was the latter that

we followed with my leader on his tail. This put me in an excellent

position for a deflection shot so I racked my ship around and gave

him a short burst. He then rolled over and headed down with me on

his tail. He pulled out pretty sharp at about 8,000' but when he

saw I was still on his tail he went into a controlled spin. He pulled

out of the spin still diving so I gave him another burst which scored

some hits and a second later I saw his canopy blow off, but did not

see the pilot bail out. I then fired another burst and observed

many hits with smoke hailing from his ship which kept diving untill

it hit the ground and exploded. We then reformed and headed for home

because my wingman called that he was low on gas. I claim one FW 190



565 rounds, cal. 50 expended.


1st Lt., Air Corps




On public record at the National Archives
Courtesy of David Schwartz - Nephew of 373rd CO (15 Aug 43 - 17 Nov 44) William  H. Schwartz, Jr.

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