18 July 1944.


412th Fighter Squadron.


0945 to 1010 hours.


10 miles north of Dreux.


Visibility 20 to 30 miles.


Me. 109.


No claim.


    I was flying Vactric Red 2 escorting two squadrons of

P-47's on return from a dive bombing mission when bogies were

called in. I followed Red leader on a 80' right turn bring-

ing us directly behind 2 Me. 109's. We closed on them quickly

and Red leader opened fire on te one on the right. It immedi-

ately began smoking and broke down to the right. The other Me.

109 broke away and up to the left and then down, so I left it

to Red 3 and 4 and followed Red leader and the first Me. 109

down observing more strike, smoke, and flames. I then pulled

out as the Me. 109 crashed and pulled up with Red leader.


    A few minutes later I called in a bogie low at seven o'clock

and followed Red leader down to investigate. We lost it in the

haze but then we saw some planes on the ground. As we dived on

these I took two short bursts and then saw they had already been

damaged. As we pulled away and circled to the left an Me. 109

came across in front of us from the right apparently after Red

3. We turned to the left trying to get on the Me. 109's tail.


    The Me. 109 continued turning to the left and headed for

the deck. I then got on the tail of the Me. 109 and continued

turning in a tight luftberry for several turns getting in range

but not being able to get anything better than a 20 degree or

30 degree deflection shot I used up the rest of my ammunition

without apparently doing any great damage although I thought I

saw some hits. I then pulled out to let Red 3 and 4 continue

after him. The Me. 109 then broke off and headed east towards

Paris. Red leader and Red 3 continued after him while I joined

with Red 4 who was also out of ammunition.


 ?705 rounds, cal. 50 expended.

George E. Cooper,

1st Lt., Air Corps.




On public record at the National Archives
Courtesy of David Schwartz - Nephew of 373rd CO (15 Aug 43 - 17 Nov 44) William  H. Schwartz, Jr.

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