15 August 1944.


412th Fighter Squadron, 373rd Fighter Group.


1230 Hours.


10 Miles NE of Chartres, France.


2/10 Clouds, Haze, Visibility, 3 Miles.


3 - ME-109's.


1 - ME-109 Destroyed.


I was flying Turmoil Red Four position and was strafing an enemy airfield, 10

miles NE of Chartres. Turmoil leader called in two ME-109's which he had seen on

the deck. Our own altitude at that time was about 300 feet. Still in trail we

started after the ME-109's and jettisoned the one 500 pound bomb each of us was

carrying. Although I used water injection, I had an old airplane and could not

keep up with Red Three and lost the remainder of Red Flight in the thick haze

just after passing over Chartres. Just west of town and while still on the deck,

I encountered three ME-109's flying in string at 1,500 feet and headed south. I

called these in to Red Flight and turned away from them to get some altitude and

one of the ME's broke away and down to chase me, while the other two disappeared

somewhere. The ME-109 coming after me made a diving turn to cut me off, and I

turned into him. We made two or three figure 8's while I shook off his advantage,

and I made my first attack in a head-on pass. I received one hit in the leading

edge of my left wing which later proved to have knocked out my hydraulic system.

I must have hit the 109 for on our next turn I noticed a light trail of blue

smoke behind him. I chopped my throttle a couple of times and shortened my turns

and shortly caught the 109 at the top of one of his turns. I gave him a short

burst at about 80 degrees deflection and he began to smoke badly. He dived under

me and as I turned to follow him he jettisoned his canopy and the plane slowly

rolled over and went straight in from 1,500 feet. I did not see the pilot bail

out. The ME-109 crashed and exploded, about 10 miles Southeast of Chartres.

   I claim one ME-109 destroyed.


1162 Rounds, .50 Calibre expended.


1st Lt., Air Corps.




On public record at the National Archives
Courtesy of David Schwartz - Nephew of 373rd CO (15 Aug 43 - 17 Nov 44) William  H. Schwartz, Jr.

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